Dividend diary

COVID-19 and dividend payments

As a result of COVID-19 the London Stock Exchange has temporarily amended their rules around dividend payments. Ordinarily an issuer must pay cash dividends within 30 days of the record date, however this has been changed to be within 60 days.

It is also possible some issuers may decide not to pay dividends at all, therefore please be aware the information on this page can change at any time up until the dividend is paid and you may not receive the full amount, or any of the dividend amounts shown below.

This dividend diary will provide you with some of the key dividend dates and events for October*, as well as some of the frequently asked questions we receive.

Dividend diary:

*Companies can change the dividend amount they pay to shareholders.

Frequently asked questions

  • If you’re looking for dividend dates and events not shown on this page, you can try our Shares Centre. All you need to do is visit the share details page for the stock you’d like to know more about (e.g. here is the share details page for Lloyds Banking Group) scroll down to ‘company information’ and click on the ‘Dividends’ tab.

  • We do not currently offer the option of ‘Scrip dividends’. We do however offer our own ‘Dividend Reinvestment Plan’ (DRIP) which provides you with the option of buying stock using your dividend payments.

    Dividend Reinvestment is charged at 2% (maximum £5) plus 0.5% UK stamp duty.

  • We aim to pay dividends as soon as possible, however all payments will be paid within 10 working days of the payment date.

    For the majority of UK stocks we will credit the dividend to your share dealing account on the dividend payment date, this is provided we have received the payment and related documentation from the registrar.

    Unit Trusts and foreign dividends tend to take longer to be credited as we have to wait for external custodians to release payment. In the case of foreign dividends this is usually 1 working day after the dividend pay date, and in the case of Unit Trusts this can be up to 1 week after pay date.

  • There are a number of reasons that your dividend may not have reinvested:

    1. Did you select "Re-invest" as your 'Income Handling Option' at least 24 hours before the dividend payment date?
    2. Was the dividend over £1.00 in value, and does the dividend total enough to purchase at least 1 share on the stock market?
    3. Do you still have the stock in your share dealing account that the dividend was paid on? (No reinvestment can take place if you don’t have a holding).
    4. Is the stock eligible for reinvestment? Examples of stocks not eligible for reinvestment include foreign stocks and stocks that require a set investment amount such as bonds and gilts.
    5. If the stock is being held in an ISA, is this ISA active?
    6. Do you have any outstanding charges on your share dealing account?
    7. Have you passed all relevant ID and Money Laundering checks?

    If none of these apply to you then please contact us.

  • To receive a dividend payment from a stock you need to buy before its ex-dividend date. If you buy a stock on or after its ex-dividend date, you won’t receive its next dividend payment.

    If you sell a stock on its ex-dividend you will still receive the next dividend payment.