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Our ISA and Share Dealing Accounts like to keep things simple, especially with charges and commissions.

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Charges for our Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) are slightly different to our other accounts.

If you’re interested in investing for your retirement, read more about our SIPP and how its charges work.

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ISA and Share Dealing Account charges

Simple trading, simple charges

UK Trading


International Trading

£0 (Foreign exchange charges apply)

One-off Opening Charge


Annual Account Charge


How it works

  • Once you've paid your one-off account opening charge of £100, you'll pay £5 commission for every trade you place.
  • No dealing commission on any international trade (FX rates still apply).
  • There are no costly platform charges or annual account fees so no matter how much your portfolio grows, you'll still pay the same price.

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Additional trading charges

Sometimes there are extra charges for certain trades and transfers:

  • When you buy or sell an international stock, the share price is converted into GBP. We adjust the exchange rate by 1.5% and keep the difference as our fee.

    The exchange rate is provided by Digital Look and an indicative rate will be provided before you place your order. The rate applicable to the individual trade will be confirmed on the contract note once the trade is finalised.

  • Dividend reinvestment purchases are charged at 2% of the dividend value, and capped at a maximum of £5 per stock.

  • We offer a range of TradePlans (including limit orders and stop losses) to help you control the risk involved with stock market investing. TradePlans are available on any CREST eligible UK stock.

    Charges in a Share Dealing Account

    When you set-up a TradePlan in a Share Dealing Account we will charge you £2. If a trade is executed as part of the TradePlan we'll then reduce your dealing commission charge by £2. You'll pay for each new TradePlan you set-up so if you amend your current TradePlan or it expires, it'll cost you £2 to set-up a new one.

    Charges in a Stocks and Shares ISA or SIPP

    For ISAs and SIPPs there is no charge to set-up a TradePlan. This means our standard commission rate will apply to any trade carried out if a TradePlan triggers.

    TradePlan Options

  • Transfer in (stock or cash): Free
    Transfer out (stock or cash): Free

    The other provider may charges fees so please check before you start your transfer.

    Transfer to IWeb

  • Fund Managers will charge various fees such as an ongoing charge or transaction fees, and details of these can be found within the Key Investor Information Document for each fund.

  • Stamp Duty

    When you buy a UK stock, you’ll pay a form of tax called Stamp Duty to the Government. Stamp duty is 0.5% of the value of the investments you buy (1% on Irish stocks) and you won’t pay any Stamp Duty on AIM stocks or Exchange Traded Funds.

    Spanish Transaction Tax

    Spanish Transaction Tax (0.2%) is an additional tax payment when you buy some Spanish stocks e.g. Banco Santander and International Consolidated Airlines Group.

    PTM Levy

    Any trade over £10,000 will also be liable for a levy of £1 which is paid to the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers (PTM).


We have created a handy charges factsheet which lets you understand all of the other admin costs associated with our share dealing accounts.

View our charges factsheet (PDF, 114 KB)

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